What to Look for When Shopping for a Winter Coat

When it comes to winter, preparation is key. Being savvy about your kids’ coat and snowsuit purchases will save you money in the long run and give you piece of mind knowing your kids are warm and comfortable.


Yes, kids grow really fast; so fast, in fact that it’s very tempting to skip a step and compress their growth into half the amount of clothes. You might have even managed to convince yourself that they look adorable in their oversized shoes... When it comes to winter jackets, this kind of thinking may be inefficient and here’s why: coats that are too big allow for more cold air to enter and get trapped, making you feel colder. Indeed, while it is important to account for extra layering space, you should always make sure that the coat sits no more and no less than snuggly over your child’s torso and arms (tip: to make your calculations easier, try bringing an extra sweater when you go shopping).


It almost goes without saying that a winter coat should keep you dry. Nonetheless, we all know how easy it is in the warmth of a mall to get distracted by fancy colors, textures and prices. It’s crucial to keep in mind that your kid will probably spend at least one hour a day playing outside, snow or shine. Think back on that day when you got snow inside your shoe and spent the whole morning dreaming of dry socks… See what we mean? Think zippers as opposed to buttons. Think knit wrist cuffs, elastic Velcro and snow skirts with snaps. Some jackets are even made with a special coating that allows for further protection on key parts like the back – entirely repelling water but allowing any inside moisture to escape.

On the topic of zippers…

Make sure that they are smooth! Your kids will have to do these up by themselves. Another thing to watch out for is to make sure the coat’s cut allows for all zippers to be fully zipped – you don’t want to find out during a ski trip that the neck is too tight. Speaking of the neck, a fleece chin guard is not at all a bad idea.

Other things to consider

Ultimately, you know your kids best. Depending on their personality and the kind of activities that they partake in, you may want to factor in other elements. For instance, some coats are specifically machine-washable; others offer reflective elements that glow in the dark and many of them include name tag. As a final tip, it is just as important to remember to take into consideration your child’s personal taste; giving them a say in the matter will not only increase their confidence, but it will make them more likely to willingly put the coat on every day!