Valentine’s Day Crafts

The best gift to give is a little time. A crafty afternoon with your little ones can make Valentine’s Day all the more special, and creating mementos for mom and dad, teachers or playmates will let your kids express their most positive feelings.

Wax Resist Cards 

Not only are these cards easy to make, the results are beautiful. All you need is a white crayon, watercolor paints, card stock and glue. Go for a classic heart design, a non-traditional family portrait, or practices their letters with a colourful text greeting. [Instructions here]

Loveworm Bookmark

This loveworm bookmark is perfect for your bookworms, big and small. Get extra creative and turn them into caricatures of your kids’ favourite characters or family members, complete with hair, outfits and accessories [Instructions here]

Valentine Man

Leftover drink cups find can a new life on Valentine’s Day. All you need is something to dress them up with. [instructions here]

Heart Photo Frame

Let your fridge door tell the story of your family adventures with these heart-shaped photos frames [instructions here]

I love you...this much

Show them just how much you love them with the folds of this hand-shaped card. Alternatively, use the paper accordion to hide secret compliments, jumbled word puzzles or rebuses. [instructions here]