Leaf Art to Spruce Up Your Autumn

We’re always ready for a good craft project and Mother Nature certainly gives us a lot to work with in the Fall. Get your kids in a creative mood with these leaf-themed art projects that are easy to do, and can be hung up around the house for decoration.

Glitter & Hot Glue Leaves [link]

An interesting take on classic leaf art, these entirely homemade leaves will make your sparkle-lovers happy! Protip: have your kids work on a paper table cover, or lay out sheets of recyclable paper to avoid wiping down a glittery workspace.

Autumn Leaf Sewing Cards [link]

Print these leaf shaped cards on your home printer and have your little artists use a thread and kid-safe needle to create their own patterns. As a bonus, the cards are a great way to help your children learn about different trees and their unique leaf shapes!

Leaf Doodles & Mandalas [link]

This craft is a two-parter. Spend some time outside with your kids to pick the perfect leaves, then head inside, grab a silver sharpie and get to decorating. Seal with some modge podge to keep the leaves vibrant!

Leaf Lantern [link]

These leaf lanterns are a neat decoration, and can be a lovely add-on or replacement for your kids’ night lights.

Watercolour Leaf Alphabets Game [link]

Have your kids help you create this educational alphabet game with leaf shapes and bright watercolours.