Keeping your kids warm on Halloween

Halloween is slowly crawling towards us, and with it the promise of many a scary, funny andridiculous costume.

One of the challenges with picking costumes for your kids on Halloween is that the end of October can be a little unpredictable in terms of weather. Many of us have spent more than one Halloween night in the wind, rain, or even in the snow. We want to keep our kids warm and dry but also want them to proudly display their costume! Here are a few ways to keep your kids comfortable, without compromising too much of their character.


For costumes with skirts, dresses or shorts, tights that are close to your kids’ skin colour can pass for bare legs without too much of a hassle. Thicker stockings can also do the trick. Finding skin-coloured undershirts for bare arms may be a little tougher, so it’s worth sticking to long sleeves for the evening. Other costumes can make use of brightly coloured or dark leggings.


They can be a good way to complete a costume: you can find anything from fancy gloves for your royalty, gauntlets for your warriors and motorcycle gloves for your punks and rockstars.


A nice big wig doubles as a hat and can keep your kids ears warm at the same time. If you aren’t keen on spending your budget on wigs every year, you can re-use past wigs by swapping out homemade accessories that match their costume (butterflies, jewels, bandanas, sticks etc.).


For rainy Halloweens, an umbrella is ultra-handy. Brainstorm with your kids the ways they would like to match umbrella to their costume if the forecast calls for wet weather, and make it a crafty project.  Use waterproof markers and acrylic paint. We found a nifty tutorial here.