Get Crafty for Halloween

It’s the day before Halloween! Your kids have their costumes, you have the candy, so what’s left to do? Make all of Halloween day a special activity with your kids by sitting down and having a family craft day. We’ve chosen a few easy at-home projects for you to get your hands dirty.

Tin Can Bowling

It’s a craft project! It’s a game! It’s both! Kids will love getting to play with their creations once they’re done, and a nice bonus is that you can put the game away and take it out next year. Make sure to put some electric tape around the edges of the can to prevent any accidental cuts. [instructions here]

Floating Ghost

This ghost is cute and easy to make. With a few household supplies and a little bit of imagination, your kids can make up an outfit for your ghost, give it some additional spooky decorations, or make a whole series of companions with bigger or smaller forms. [instructions here]

Halloween Rock Magnets

Go hunting for interesting rocks, and take your trophies home to decorate! Create characters inspired by the shapes of your rocks, and display them on your fridge or outdoor railings. All you need is a little paint, adhesive and easy-to-find magnets. [instructions here]

Paper Pumpkins

Save yourself some pumpkin-carving messiness and make paper pumpkins! Have your kids pick a solid or patterned paper and add details like leaves, spiders or googly eyes to spruce them up. [Instructions here]


Scatter these lanterns throughout the house to add a bit of colour. You can also add cobwebs or dribbles of slime (Elmer’s glue with a little bit of paint) to give them a fun, creepy look. [instructions here]