5 Snowman Treats for Your Little Winter-lovers

Who doesn’t love a good snowman? We’re just a few weeks away from our first snowfall, and some of us are getting a little impatient. Bring a little of the pre-winter magic into your kitchen by preparing these tasty treats for your boys and girls. Kids and adults alike will have a hard time resisting these adorable sweets.

White Caramel Chocolate Marshmallow Snowmen

If snow on a stick doesn’t sound terribly appealing, a snowman on a stick sounds much better! Use your favourite marshmallows to give them those recognizable fluffy round bodies and drape them in caramel and chocolate for layers of sweet flavours. [find the recipe here]

Popcorn Snowball

A new take on your usual crispy snacks, replacing rice krispies with popcorn and coating them in delicious gooey marshmallows. Make them one-bite sized to save on sticky fingers. [find the recipe here]

Melting Snowmen Cookies

These creative cookies are adorable, and a little sad. Just like our real snowmen, we’ll miss them when they’re gone, but the best part is, you can always make more. [find the recipe here]

Oreo Snowmen Pops

As simple as it gets. Dip your oreos in a candy coating and get creative by dressing up your snowmen with all matter of candy bits and icing. [find the recipe here]

Frosty Snowman Pretzels

The best part of this snowman is without doubt its tiny scarf. Combining salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, with a little dash of adorable. [find the recipe here]